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The 17th Industry/Academia "Next Generation Precision Oncology" Symposium was held on Thursday, September 30, 2021 with a live meeting.

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Questions? Contact Leisa Sutton at lsutton(at)ucsd.edu.

COI Policy: Disclosure of Relationships with Companies

The Symposium strives for independence, objectivity, transparency, and scientific rigor in all its activities through appropriate disclosure and management of financial relationships, among other things. The Symposium Policy for Relationships with Companies (COI Policy), in compliance with UC San Diego and University of California Office of the President (UCOP) COI policies (available at this link), was developed to help guide the management of potential conflicts, primarily through disclosure of all financial relationships that might result in actual, potential, or perceived conflicts of interest.

The Symposium requires participants in its activities—and all faculty and committee members— to disclose all of their financial relationships with for-profit health care companies. The Symposium’s Policy is not intended to create a presumption of impropriety based on the existence of financial relationships with companies, rather the goal is to achieve full transparency through the disclosure of those relationships. Although the Symposium Policy relies primarily on disclosure of financial relationships, it also recognizes that some relationships cannot be managed with disclosure alone and identifies additional management steps in this case.

The Symposium wants to help participants in its activities to successfully report their disclosures. To that end, the Symposium uses a general disclosure model, requiring disclosure of all relationships.

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