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10th Moores Cancer Center Industry/Academia Translational Oncology Symposium
Agenda and Speaker Biographies

Program Agenda


Registration and Continental Breakfast

Welcome and Overview
  • Scott Lippman, MD, Moores Cancer Center
  • David Brenner, MD, UC San Diego School of Medicine

Keynote Presentation:
  • Advancing innovation in drug development: The I-SPY example
    Laura Esserman, MD, MBA, UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center


  • Development of BMN 673, a potent and selective poly-(ADP-ribose)polymerase (PARP)-1/2 inhibitor in selected patients with homologous recombination defects
    Gilles Gallant, BPharm PhD, BioMarin

  • Translational considerations for a novel inhibitor of p97 for the treatment of myeloma and solid tumors
    Laura Shawver, PhD, Cleave Biosciences, Inc.

  • Zeroing in an oncogenic driver: The Rapid Evolution of Targeted Therapies for Anaplastic Lymphoma Kinase-Positive Lung Cancer
    Valeria Fantin, PhD, Pfizer

  • Reversing Cancer Stemness and Drug Resistance
    David Cheresh, PhD, Moores Cancer Center

  • From Idea to Clinical Trial: Targeting Cancer Stem Cells
    Thomas Kipps, MD, PhD, Moores Cancer Center

  • Stem cell principles applied to colon cancer: tracing clonal dynamics and targeting self-renewal
    Antonija Kreso, PhD, University of Toronto

  • Malignant Reprogramming and Cancer Stem Cells
    Catriona Jamieson, MD, PhD, Moores Cancer Center

  • Will 5 billion be approved by California voters for CIRM in 2016?
    Robert Klein, Klein Financial Corporation

  • Pradeep Khosla, PhD UC San Diego
Lunch & Poster Session
  1. “Integrin avb3 Drives Slug Activation and Stemness in the Pregnant and Neoplastic Mammary Gland”
    Jay S Desgrosellier, Jacqueline Lesperance, Laetitia Seguin, Sanford J Shattil and David A. Cheresh.

  2. “Multiple spatially related pharmacophores define small molecules for inhibition of a bHLH transcription factor OLIG2 for glioblastoma therapy”
    Rajesh Mukthavaram, Igor F. Tsigelny, Valentina L. Kouznetsova, Ying Chao, Sandra Pastorino, Pengfei Jiang, Sandeep C. Pingle, Wolf Wrasidlo, Milan Makale, and Santosh Kesari.

  3. "Novel prostate cancer patient-derived xeno-graft models of bone metastatic castrate-resistant prostate cancer"
    Christina Wu, Amy Strasner, Jason R. Woo, Michelle Muldong, Young B. Jeong, Liss, M.A., Omer Raheem, Tomonori Yamaguchi, Takeshi Hirata, Heather Leu, Deborah Marshall, Sheldon R. Morris, Nicholas A. Cacalano, Koichi Masuda, Catriona H.M. Jamieson, Christopher J. Kane, Anna A. Kulidjian, and Christina A.M. Jamieson.

  4. “Functional Defects In Neutrophils Derived From Ezh2 Null Mice”
    Albert Perez-Ladaga, Bennett Caughey, Huafeng Xie, Stuart H. Orkin, David B. Sykes, Benjamin L. Ebert and Rafael Bejar.

  5. “Necramed exploits a ubiquitous haploinsufficient phenotype in ovarian cancer”
    Joe Delaney and Dwayne Stupack.

  6. “Bioconjugation of NIR Dyes to Low Molecular Weight Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) Improves Pharmacokinetics and Biodistribution, with Enhancement of Targeted Tissue Labeling”
    Ali A. Maawy, Yukihiko Hiroshima, George A. Luiken, Yong Zhang, Robert Hoffman and Michael Bouvet.

  7. “Characterization of cell-cycle progression using a novel bi-cistronic lentiviral FUCCI reporter”
    Gennarina L. Riso, Gabriel Pineda, Florence Lambert-Fliszar, Kathleen M. Kane, and Catriona Jamieson. 

  8. “RNA Editing Enzyme Induces Accelerated Cell Cycle in Normal Hematopoiesis.”
    Qingfei Jiang, Marianna Zipeto, Leslie A. Crews, Angela C. Court, Heather Leu, Mark Minden, Anil Sadarangani, Kim-Hien T. Dao, Sheldon R. Morris, Lawrence S. Goldstein, Marco A. Marra, Kelly A. Frazer, and Catriona H. M. Jamieson

  9. “Development of Clinically Relevant In Vivo Tools for Studying Gastrointestinal Sarcomas”
    J.K. Sicklick, C.M Tang, S.Y.Leonard, M.L Babicky, C.A Metildi, P. Magistri , H.S Tran Cao, S. Kaushal , E.S Mose , R.P French, D.V Jaquish , C.K Hoh, M. Peterson, R. Schwab, R.M Hoffman, M. Bouvet, and A.M Lowy.

  10. “Investigation of adhesion-associated signaling pathways in ovarian cancer”
    Nichol L.G. Miller, Christine Lawson, Isabelle Tancioni, Denise C. Connolly, and David D. Schlaepfer.

  11. “Genome-wide mutational profiling elucidates the pathophysiology of mucinous neoplasm of the appendix”
    H. Alakus, M.L. Babicky, P. Ghosh, S.E. Yost, K. Jepsen, Y. Dai, A. Arias, M.L. Samuels, E. S. Mose, R. B. Schwab, M.R. Peterson, A.M. Lowy, K. A. Frazer, and O. Harismendy.

  12. “AML1-ETO Hematopoietic Stem/Progenitor Cells (HSPCs) Display a Hypersensitivity to GM-CSF that Reduces Leukemogenic Potential”
    Stephanie Weng, Shinobu Matsuura, Kentson Lam, Cody Mowery, Miao-Chia Lo, and Dong-Er Zhang.


  • SF3B1 mutations in different cancer types cause recognition of sterically hindered cryptic splice-sites downstream of the branch point
    Kelly Frazer, PhD Moores Cancer Center

  • Omics as a Disruptive Technology: Implications for Cancer Therapy
    Razelle Kurzrock, MD, Moores Cancer Center

  • Precision Oncology Strategies: Targeting Genetic and Epigenetic Drivers in Cancer Drug Development
    James Christensen, PhD, Mirati Therapeutics

  • A novel isoform of the RON kinase transforms pancreatic duct epithelial cells
    Andrew Lowy, MD, FACS, Moores Cancer Center

    Robert MacLeod, PhD, Isis Pharmaceuticals

  • Nuclear Receptors: Integrating Molecular Endocrinology and Drug Discovery
    Richard Heyman, PhD Seragon Pharmaceuticals

  • Androgen Receptor Signaling Axis on CRPC – The A to Z in Drug Development
    NamPhuong Tran, MD, Janssen R&D


Panel Discussion: Funding Innovation
  • Moderator: Chris Cain, PhD SciBX:Science-Business eXchange, BioCentury Publications
  • Michael Flaschen Johnson & Johnson Innovation
  • Richard Heyman, PhD Seragon Pharmaceuticals
  • Catriona Jamieson, MD, PhD, Moores Cancer Center
  • Jay Lichter, PhD Avalon Ventures
  • Greg Simon, Poliwogg

Symposium Reception

Speaker Biographies

Please click the [+] to view Speaker Biographies.

Keynote Speaker:
Laura Esserman, MD, MBA
Director, Carol Franc Buck Breast Care Center
Professor of Surgery and Radiology, UCSF
UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center
[+] Biography

David Brenner, MD
Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences
Dean, UC San Diego School of Medicine
[+] Biography

Chris Cain, PhD*
Senior Writer
SciBX:Science-Business eXchange, BioCentury Publications
[+] Biography

David Cheresh, PhD
Distinguished Professor, Vice Chair for Research and Development
Department of Pathology
Associate Director for Innovation and Industry Alliances, UCSD Moores Cancer Center
[+] Biography

James Christensen, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer
Mirati Therapeutics
[+] Biography

Gilles Gallant, BPharm PhD
Vice President, Oncology Clinical Sciences
BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc.
[+] Biography

Valeria Fantin, PhD
Vice President, Tumor Cell Biology
[+] Biography

Michael Flaschen*
Senior Director of New Ventures and Partnerships
Johnson & Johnson Innovation
[+] Biography

Kelly Frazer, PhD
Professor of Pediatrics
Chief, Division of Genome Information Sciences
Director, UCSD Institute for Genomic Medicine
[+] Biography

Richard Heyman, PhD*
Chief Executive Officer
Seragon Pharmaceuticals
[+] Biography

Catriona Jamieson, MD, PhD*
Associate Professor of Medicine, Hematology-Oncology
Director, Stem Cell Research Program, UCSD Moores Cancer Center
[+] Biography

Pradeep Khosla
UC San Diego
[+] Biography

Thomas Kipps, MD, PhD
Deputy Director for Research
Professor of Medicine, UCSD Moores Cancer Center
[+] Biography

Robert Klein
President, Founder, and CEO
Klein Financial Corporation
[+] Biography

Antonija Kreso, PhD
University of Toronto
[+] Biography

Razelle Kurzrock, MD
Professor of Medicine, Sr. Deputy Center Director, Clinic Science
Director, Center for Personalized Therapy & Clinical Trials Office
Vice Chief Division of Hematology & Oncology, UCSD Moores Cancer Center
[+] Biography

Jay Lichter, PhD*
Managing Director
Avalon Ventures
[+] Biography

Scott Lippman, MD
Professor of Medicine, Senior Associate Dean and
Associate Vice Chancellor for Cancer Research and Care
Chugai Pharmaceutical Chair in Cancer, Director, UCSD Moores Cancer Center
[+] Biography

Andrew Lowy, MD, FACS
Chief, Division of Surgical Oncology
Professor of Surgery, UCSD Moores Cancer Center
[+] Biography

Robert MacLeod, PhD
Vice President, Oncology & Exploratory Discovery
ISIS Pharmaceuticals
[+] Biography

Laura Shawver, PhD
Chief Executive Officer
Cleave Biosciences, Inc.
[+] Biography

Greg Simon*
Chief Executive Officer
[+] Biography

NamPhuong Tran, MD
Director Clinical Research
Janssen R&D
[+] Biography

* Panel Discussion

Symposium Organizer:

Scott Lippman, MD
UCSD Moores Cancer Center

Symposium Organizer:

Ida Deichaite, PhD
Director, Industry Relations
UCSD Moores Cancer Center

Symposium Chair:

David Cheresh, PhD
Associate Director for Translational Research
Professor of Pathology
UCSD Moores Cancer Center

Symposium Co-Chair:

Catriona Jamieson, MD, PhD
Director, Stem Cell Research Program
Associate Professor of Medicine
UCSD Moores Cancer Center