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2016 Featured Talks » Compound development of LADD therapeutics in lung cancer

Compound development of LADD therapeutics in lung cancer

Robert Charnas, PhD
Janssen R&D

Robert Charnas, PhD
Compound Development Team Leader
Janssen R&D

Robert Charnas obtained a Ph.D. in Chemistry at Harvard University, completed a post-doc in Strasbourg France and worked at Hoffmann-La Roche in Basel Switzerland within the Infectious diseases area in the laboratory, then Medical Affairs and later Regulatory Affairs on antibacterials and antivirals, including development of pegylated interferon in Hepatitis C. He joined Amgen leading several Regulatory Affairs teams, including those for filgrastim, peg-filgrastim, and denosumab before moving to Cougar Biotechnology (later acquired by J&J) to work on abiraterone acetate in the treatment of castration resistant metastatic prostate cancer, leading the regulatory team through global approvals (Tradename Zytiga). In 2013 he became the Compound Development Team Leader of Zytiga and in 2014 he took on responsibility for two Listeria-based immunotherapeutics, one for lung cancer and the other for prostate cancer) that Janssen licensed from Aduro Biotech.