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2015 Featured Talks » Drugging the Undrugable: KRAS

Drugging the Undrugable: KRAS

D. Lynn Kirkpatrick, PhD
PHusis Therapeutics

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D. Lynn Kirkpatrick, PhD
President and CEO
PHusis Therapeutics

Dr. Kirkpatrick, a medicinal chemist and pharmacologist, sent 16 years in academia before starting and successfully selling her first company, ProlX Pharmaceuticals Corp. Dr. Kirkpatrick has focused her career on cancer drug discovery and development, taking three small molecules from bench to bedside into Phase 2 clinical trials. When ProlX was acquired by Biomira Inc., she became the Chief Scientific Officer the merged company, now known as Oncothyreon, Inc. She is now President and CEO of PHusis Therapeutics Inc. in La Jolla, CA. PHusis has a computational platform to develop targeted small molecules for cancer therapy, with one agent poise for Phase 1 clinical evaluation. Dr. Kirkpatrick received her PhD from the University of Saskatchewan and did post-doctoral research at Yale University School of Medicine. She has published extensively in the area of targeted cancer drug discovery and development and holds numerous patents for novel cancer drugs and technologies.